Get a Tough Computer For Industrial Use – Industry Computers

All the laptops and desktops that are found in homes and offices are certainly not made to cope with a tough environment and their use in an industrial environment. The best choice is to go for a specially designed industrial computer that will be able to cope easily with tough conditions and continuous use in dirt and outdoors conditions. This not only mean that the shell of the computer will be able to deal with that tough environment, but it also means that what is inside the device like the motherboard and other parts of the device will be able to last for as long as possible in an industrial or manufacturing environment. The same applies for screens. You can now easily find industrial touch screens or industrial LCD monitors that are perfectly fitted for such a tough environment.Industrial LCD monitors actually are panel mounted monitors and usually used with an industrial rack mount computer. These monitors are usually available at different size. It will usually be around ten, fifteen, and eighteen or even twenty inch size display. You could think that every piece of the industrial computer will be big and heavy but you are actually wrong. More and more industrial computer parts are slim and light. With screens as slim as only three inches and a small weight of no more than three kilograms, they quite easily fit in any industrial LCD monitor panel.A rack mounted computer on the other hand, can be mounted as a separate element in a nineteen inches rack or embedded in an industrial device, with the possibility of having industrial touch screens mounted as well with it.The common mice and keyboard used at home or in an office would certainly not be able to cope with an environment as tough as the one encountered in a plant for instance. They would not be able to deal with the dirt, liquids and other elements found in an industrial environment. That is why it will always be better to use a so called industrial mouse and an industrial keyboard that is specially made to withstand harsh conditions found in an industrial environment. Those mice would usually be made of stainless steel and heavy rubber that will be completely sealed to make sure no dirt or liquid can get in the device. Most industrial mice are actually now completely submersible and do not fear the contact with liquids of any sort.

Computer Use in the Food Manufacturing Industry – Industry Computers

Food manufacturing and processing is one of the success stories of the global economy. Food production is now not just a local industry as food products are now transported across the globe allowing a huge variety of products to be available on our supermarket shelves.One of the reasons for food productions success has been the embracing of modern technology that has allowed many processes in the food production industry to be automated.The food industry does pose unique challenges when it comes to automation and computerisation such as the prevalence of water in food production areas. Various laws and good working practices mean that food production areas are regularly washed or hosed-down. This can cause obvious problems to computer or touchscreen if they are used nearby as water will have catastrophic effects on any computer system.Many food production of manufacturing areas turn to waterproof computer enclosures to protect their computer systems from wash down. Industrial computer enclosures are designed to international guidelines to ensure they can operate safely in washdown environments with the waterproof PC enclosure even allowing the systems to be hosed down themselves.The European IP 65 or International NEMA 4 rating system are often used to describe the waterproofing of a computer enclosure. Many wash down areas contain IP 65 computer enclosures as they can also be manufactured out of food grade stainless steel ensuring they don’t corrode and can continually be kept clean.Waterproof LCd enclosures and waterproof touchscreen enclosures can also be manufactured from the same material.